A few shots of our house in Houston, freshly remodeled.
The end of 2014. I'd been working on it since Jan 2012.
A shot down the drive looking at my shop and the garage apartment under the barn roof. The little balcony comes off the master suite in the attic of the house. The house was built in or a little after 1916.
The front door from both the outside and the inside. The door was one big pane of glass and the side lights went almost to the floor, but with the stairs coming out right into the door we needed more privacy so I rebuild the door and the sidelights keeping the outer frames and filling in the wood. Gale is much happier with it now.
We had a spiral stair going up to the master in the dining room just to the left of that big opening but Gale grew to hate it so I built a whole staircase going up there just inside the front door. A fair bit of work by myself.
Chris, my oldest, and the architect, helped with the design on the stairs and the steel railings. I did all the fabrication myself, even welding the railings, and the woodworking of course.
Along with the railings I welded up this light fixture for the dining room. 
Across from the staircase in the living room I applied new tile and built a new mantel for the working fireplace. I refinished the glass screen. I have to have it because there is no damper. We had the chairs custom made. 
Looking from the front door into the dining room. About 4 months after all these other pictures were posted here I have finished the new dining table just in time for Thanksgiving 2015. The wood is reclaimed oak cut back in the 1800's and used for timbers in an old warehouse.The chairs are all leather in a plumb color.The floors through out the house are, new to us, reclaimed white oak.
In the dining room looking down through the kitchen. I built all these cabinets back around 84. Hot water in the first cab with cook books above, then food pantry, then general storage, and last there, fancy stuff and stem ware in the glass doors. 
The glass doors were recycled from a cabinet formally over the peninsula. The washer/ drier used to live in that location but they stuck out 5 inches and the new ones, I had to get, were even bigger so I moved the washer/drier to the left into what was another door into the old master. The doors over the washer still need finish work.
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The other side of the kitchen. We did new granite with a leather finish, which I really love, and new glass back splash tiles. I got the tile free from a job I did about 10 years ago and had them stored in the shop. So I got to free up space in the shop and redo the back splash at the same time. About $900 worth of materials for no cost. I got a couple thousand dollar break on the granite too because my son does so much work with their shop. They also cut the quartz for the bathrooms for free. 
The kitchen, form the new family room. We had just a small breakfast room where I am standing but we tore it down and built a much larger, although still sort of small family room. I built the cabinets in here in 83. All the door centers are sequence matched rift cut white oak veneer, I had custom layed up.
Out the back of the family room into the dog trot. It is screened in at both ends. That wall is my shop. The area runs from the drive on the left and the back yard on the right.
I lack the right lens for good shots in here, but this is the new downstairs bath. I built the vanity of course and did all the paneling. I hired out the tile work. Chris got all the gray tile for me for free, again because he dose so much work with their shop. Chris does mostly hotel work. The guy gave me the quartz free too. There was enough for the vanity cabinets in the master upstairs too.
Standing in the room, on the left is the tub and right is the shower. All sort of Japanese style. You would run the bath then shower off first and soak in the tub clean.
I built the door back in the late seventy's. I only show it here to mention that I had all the original 1916 hardware, through out the house, replated with rubbed bronze. I did all the wood work in this room myself. I tore out the closets from the old master bedroom to gain two more feet of space starting where the toilet is sitting, making the bath a reasonable size rather than a six foot wide tunnel. We took this whole room back to the studs to start over. New plumbing and electrical had to be done. A new closet had to be built in the guest room after that, too.
The back yard was destroyed during the building of the new family room so we had it landscaped in the end. 

My wood shop is where the door is open, the welding shop behind the green door. I have 1200 sq ft of shop space over all. 
We have a 900 sq ft, one bedroom apartment above.We lived up there for two years while I remodeled the house. We moved back down to the main house in august of 2014
This is the master, upstairs, looking both directions. There is a small balcony through the french doors over looking the driveway.
I cut the leaf screen with my plasma cutter. It's lit at night along with some of the trees.
The cabinet in the office. This used to be the den/TV room. I built this in the late 80's. There are four sections but I don't have a lens capable of the whole shot.
​This is my most recent project, new shop doors. The old door was on a track and slid to the right, but the dog trot wall is there now so I built swinging doors to the shop.
Looking both ways in the family room. 
The back guest room, the family room, the dog trot, and my shop from the yard. Our little bungalow, sort of, turned into a compound over the years.