Silver Streak home page
A link to my Lotus 7 build.
To replace the stolen Silver Lodger. I found this Silver Streak in Oklahoma. Here in the south, I had to give $4200 for it but I still didn't think that was  bad, for a good straight shell. The interior was junk, but I wanted that, so I could totally remodel it. I'd hate to pay for a nice interior just to trash it myself. This site will be about my adventures rebuilding the trailer to make it wonderful family camper again. Using the trailer will be Gale and myself, our oldest son, Chris and his wife Kim and their three children all under 8 at this time. Chris is the architect,of record, on this project. I'm the builder. Then our youngest son ,Zach, and his wife Nicole and almost 2 year old son and another son due here the first of June 2017. Nicole's mom has an 18 ft Silver Streak too now. Should be lots of fun.
A couple shots of the trailer the day I brought it home.
After looking for a couple months and giving the project a great deal of thought I decided to find a trailer that had a pretty good shell so it didn't need a lot of structural work just to get started. This one seems to just need a bit of freshening up on the outside. Some things need to be removed and rust cleaned off, repainted and such. I may have to change out the axles to get new hubs and brakes. It needs new badges and running lights .  My wife is, more of less on board now, and along with our son, Chris, who is a Architect, I think the materials choices should come out well. With my skills as a furniture maker, this should come out a pretty high end trailer. That's my goal anyway.
To give an idea just what the interior looked like when I got it. The flash actually made it look better.
I couldn't help myself. Instead of cleaning the shop, like I said I would do next, I tore out the booth in the trailer. I wanted to get a look at the floor around the edges. A good bit of dry rot for sure. Looks like  the job just got bigger. In for a penny, in for a pound, I guess. If I pull the floor, though, I can inspect and paint the frame, install a gray water tank, and pull the aluminum wall panels and rewire.
The  Aluminum car I built.