Interior build out

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After the walls were painted the cork flooring came in and I got it installed.
Window trim went back up and the water tank is installed.
I sprayed the shower and bath with bright white marine paint,and installed it along with the drain plumbing. Hot water on demand unit is installed along with the pump.
Shower stall completed and plumbing put in for the shower head.
First bulkhead is installed with plumbing into the shower. This is the start of the cabinet work.
Three more bulkheads were cut, fit, and installed to make closets. 
Starting the beds and storage cabinets. there will be three deep drawers on the curb side.
Beds frames are finished. more bulk heads to cut in now.
I  took time along the way, after the cork went in, to clean up the 12 volt wiring station under the street side bankqette seating.
Wine bar bulkhead started. Kitchen wall bulkhead cut in and installed. Refrigerator installed in finished cabinet.
Before we could take it out, the trailer got fitted with new brakes. They were 50 years old and the safety factor was something to consider. They had a couple broken springs when I took then apart. but they work well now.
So now we have a working bathroom, beds, and a refrigerator.We can go camping, although we still need a kitchen and the banquette.
Our new ford truck, Hooked up the trailer to go get new tires mounted. Once the tires were on, we could leave the next day, for the first camp out. Even though it is not finished inside. I have been trying to make this event for 3 years now, so I didn't care.
Here we are at the Texas vintage trailer rally Fall 2017. The shiny trailer in the foreground is our younger daughter-in-law's parents. A 16 ft Silver Streak. We belong to some of the same clubs, so we get to camp together sometimes.There were 4 Silver Streaks and a Streamline at the meet, along with all the colorful canned hams, and a few older vintage trailers. We were ridiculously unprepared. It's a good thing Michell and Mark were there to save us. One good thing is that the systems all performed well on it's maiden voyage. AC worked well but is very noisy at night. The new toilet worked as advertised and we like it. Hot water unit worked great, You could take a shower as long as you wanted. Lights all worked. Beds were comfortable. Too cool.
I found and ordered these flip up hinges for the upper doors
I got the bath cabinets almost finished except the curved door. that's kind of a project of it's own. the counter tops throughout the trailer will be the black linoleum, a client of my son's gave it to us. we were going to use a dark blue, but hay, this was free. I got the cute faucet from Ikea.
The next weekend the kids took the trailer to Lake Livingston State Park, for the Travis Elementary School "Kindergarten camp out". It's a yearly event, along with the second grade camp out, that will be in the spring. Cowen is in K, and Kasper is in second grade. It's all a big deal and the kids love the chance to play with friends in such a big, basically uncontrolled, area. The circle drive in the camp is a sea of small kids on bikes. The kids are like little marauders coming into a campsite and eating everything in sight.Too fun. there were only a few trailers, mostly tents, so the trailer got a lot of attention and admiration. One of my son's friends said he had "Trailer envy" now. One small boy kept showing up in Chris's sight just to see the trailer. He seemed to love it.
  Talking to my daughter in law, over Christmas, I discovered that, now, all grades have a camp out. This is all parent sponsored, but word got out about the great fun, so now everybody wants in on it. Kim said she understood some groups have more trailers. too cool....

At this point it is Christmas 2017. I'll get the kitchen finished in the next couple months. I have a good start already. Then the booth. we can be full camping by spring, I expect.
The finished refridgarator cabinet, with flip up door above.
The toilet is a Lavco dry flush. It's kind of strange, but it is clean, with little fuss, and no oder. It uses foil cartridges to collect the waste. The unit and the cartridges are a bit more in cost than I'd like but it seems to work well and avoids the black water tank all together. No matter what, in a trailer, there trade offs on the toilet.
I ordered new memory foam mattresses. They turned out to be pretty comfortable.
So, camp outs over and back to work.  It took a number of weeks, but I have the kitchen built, finished and installed. I had the stainless splash fabricated at a metal shop that does work for me once and a while.  I ordered a new stainless vent hood. Now all that's left is the seating bankquett and the upper cabinet, over it. 
I got the upper built on the street side. I may run a hammock on the curb side to accommodate a child, so I'm holding off building another cabinet. I found these spring loaded hinges for the upper doors.

I started building the dinette seating. s lot of tedious fitting around the corners, very slow.
I planed in storage for the camp chairs and maybe some more stuff I have now. We'll see what fits.
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Over the camp chair storage the seat lifts up to store the bedding to make up the dinette to a bed.

This completes the build out except for some small odds and ends like little shelves.