Wayne and Gale's 1949 Silver Lodger
I found this original brosure on line describing the Spiver Lodger by the Main Line trailer company
These trailers were only produced from 1947 until sometime in 1949. They were not all that well put together either, I can tell you. This may account for the short production run.
I expecially like the line "Kimsul extra thick insulation" in the ad. That turnes out to be a paper product about 1/8" thick. I'm sure the r value must be about .05. Also the line "scientific design". I have no idea what that means. No truth in advertising here.
I have run across several more of these online, both Sliver Lodgers and Sliver Larks, a 14 ft version. So they did build some of them.
As I found it

Here is my plan. I'll buy the trailer today as there is a time limit on moving it out of where it is. My wife was out of town and I didn't tell her in advance of what I was doing, big mistake. Anyway, I'll have to work very fast on the rebuild. I have checked in advance with my friend Russell to see if I can use his side lot to to the disassembly, I'll have a short time limit there as well. The problem is that we have the house for sale and will be moving back home to Houston. I don't know the time line there, of course. I only need to get it towably by that time. Sounds like a plan, right?
A link to my Lotus 7 build.