Before and after pictures

This is the picture I first saw in the Graigs list add. The trailer was near Oklahoma City. I knew nothing about Silver Streak at all. I had only seen a couple pictures of them. This was about the size trailer I was looking for, nothing over 25 ft, and I was struck by the curved windows and it appeared well built. I spent the night doing research on SS.
The next day I called on it and it was still for sale so I made an offer which the guy accepted. $4200 for a good shell and a trash interior. Fairly close to home, if one considers 500 miles close.
This is a much later shot of the trailer at my house, all cleaned up ready for the interior build out. Looks a lot better here.
Some shots of the interior when I got it. Pretty sad. A lot of neglect, although exactly what I was looking for. There were no appliances in the trailer at all. the 12 volt wiring was not working and the water lines were full of holes from freezing. The floor had a lot of rot, I found out after removing the cabinetry, I had expected that, but hoped I wouldin't have to replace the floor.
These are pictures of the finished product, after 2 1/2 years of work. Now Gale will camp in it. We took it to the Texas Vintage Trailer rally last weekend and it was very well received during the tour. Lots of great comments.
We are set up here at the trailer Rally, our first finished trip with it.This shot was taken just after it finely stopped raining. We had quite the storm during the night. Lightning, thunder, and rain hitting the tin can we were in.Very loud. The rain stopped the next day, just in time for everyone to tour the trailers.

This is our new rescue dog, Aspen. She has turned out to be a perfect camp dog. She is friendly with everyone and I don't think she barked once all weekend.
Dang, this interior was just so ugly. I'm not sure it was even nice when it was new.
On the way home Gale admitted that she did actually love our trailer now and that I had done a good job. Apparently there was some doubt on her part. At one point, I think as I was removing the whole floor, she walked by and peeked in. She said" just show me when it's finished, I don't want this image burned into my brain". I can't really blame her for that though. She asked if this was the worst part? God, I hope so, was my reply.